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Panama Real Estate Investments

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Panama real estate investments has become one of the hottest items in the world. As people search for real estate opportunities, Panama real estate have become very desirable targets for many people. There is an abundance of land for sale in Panama: private properties, government sales, titled lands and possession rights properties have all added to the available locations and types of offerings that exist for Panama real estate.

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Panama Real Estate

Whether they are retirees or people simply looking to relocate, there are many people moving to Panama. As these people seek to find homes, the Panama real estate business sector has blossomed. Throughout the country, people are finding the homes they seek, from low-cost renovation projects to million dollar luxury condos. As the housing boom continues, more properties will be made available and more opportunities will exist.

Panama Investment

A number of creative laws has put the country in a position to attraction and keep Panama investment by both nationals and foreigners. The country has created strict banking laws and even given foreigners the right to own land.

Homes and Land for Sale in Panama

The publicity and government efforts have not gone unrewarded. Land for sale in Panama is widely regarded as a sound business move and many retirees, foreign nationals and investors have come to get a piece of Panama real estate. Since the government has made it a priority to both attract and stimulate business development, tourism expansion and foreign investment in Panama, it is very likely that the country will continue to see strong growth for many years in the future. Panama real estate is desirable and investors will likely continue to jump on the bandwagon.

Creating Wealth - Real Estate Investments in Panama

Anywhere you look there are a number of books about getting rich. Finding information is easy, finding experts is a different thing. Given the opportunity to speak with someone who has made their fortune in real estate, you will likely get two pieces of advice; you have to carefully plan and you have to invest wisely. The good news in today's business world is that both of these steps can be accomplished in one place; real estate investments in Panama are excellent ways to create wealth while enjoying the tropical benefits of owning Latin American property. More

Fundamentals of Panama's Economy

Thanks to strong economic fundamentals, the Panama economy is moving toward being a first-world country from Latin America. In large part, Panama real estate continues to fuel this move; the country has freed itself from an undistinguished past with decades of strong economic growth in a large number of business sectors. Supported by incredibly low inflation, this sustained pattern of growth has allowed Panama investment in such areas as the Panama Canal and the sectors of agriculture, fishing, mining, manufacturing, construction, real estate, entertainment and tourism to create this prosperous pattern. More

Purchasing Panama Real Estate in Government Sales

Since the US Canal Administration returned control of the Panama Canal to the country at the end of 1999, the government has focused on selling the properties that belonged to the US Canal Administration, so called reverted areas. These areas were lands that were owned by the administration and the decision to sell them has created investment opportunities in land that is for sale in Panama. More

A Growing Economy Thanks to Panama Real Estate

Panama is a country that has shown recent upswings in various parts of its economy, especially in the areas of tourism, Panama property development and Panama real estate as a whole. There are a number of Panama companies that specialize in helping these various parts of the economy. Panama banking is also a great helper to these specific areas of the Panamanian economy. More

Plans for Panama City's Ice Tower Melt

In what has proven to be a stunning development, the developers for Panama City's Ice Tower have unexpectedly cancelled the project. The flagship of Panama City's condo explosion, Ice Tower was slated to be the tallest structure in the city, reaching over 100 stories high and containing many luxury units. This move comes as a surprise to many, although there is a general feeling that it was based on economic concerns. More

Panama City Condos and More - Panama Real Estate Investment Property

Panama City real estate has become a hot commodity as people around the world realize the value and growth potential that exists in this booming metropolis. Each type of construction has been flourishing in Panama City; condos, houses and even apartments. This new housing boom is continuing to expand as people are creating Panama investment plans that include purchasing rental property. More

Panama Real Estate Investments

Panama real estate features Caribbean and Pacific beachfront, island, mountain, rainforest and agricultural property options. Land for sale in Panama is affordable and similar to what it was in places like Costa Rica 10 to 20 years ago. For these reasons there are always excellent Panama investment deals to be found. More

Buying Retirement Real Estate in Panama

Many are finding out that Panama is an amazing location; it is full of beautiful scenery, amazing people, incredible wildlife and a rich history. Panama is a sight to behold. What you may not know is that Panama real estate is great as well. Land for sale in Panama is extremely affordable and Panama's laws and taxes make investing in retirement real estate a very good move. More

Panama Teak Plantations

Through greed and abuse, nearly one-third of the world's standing forests have been eliminated. Scientists have not been able to fully calculate the effect of deforestation, but it is known that there are economic as well as ecologic effects already evident in the world. Reforestation is seen as a way to turn back these negative effects and Panama is one place to do it. Teak has become an important wood in these reforestation projects and with the affordable land for sale in Panama; the idea of Panama Teak plantations has become very popular. More

Panama has the Best Investment Property Opportunities in the Caribbean

Caribbean investment property opportunities are excellent in Panama. Panama is prosperous and growing. Panama has become the premier retirement location worldwide. Expect property and business investment here to appreciate for years to come. More

Panama's Tocumen Airport; the Major Hub Airport for Latin America

Copa Airline is the national flag airline of Panama. In a recent expansion Copa Airline added five new destinations, increased it fleet, and promoted the further expansion of Tocumen International Airport, its hub. Copa Airline refers to its facilities at Tocumen as "The Hub of the Americas." Panamas Tocumen is already on its way to becoming the major hub airport for all of Latin America. More

Investment and Tax Incentives in Panama

Panama's laws, tax incentive, and general business climate are conducive to foreign investment. This has resulted in Panama foreign investment being equal or greater than foreign investment in any other Latin American country. Per capital Panama has far and away the highest foreign investment in Latin America. Foreign investment is likely to stay and continue to drive Panama's economic expansion for years to come. More

Diamonds in Panama; A Measure of the Increasing Wealth of Latin America's Middle Class

As Latin American prosperity increases so do Latin American tastes and buying power. This is reflected in the inauguration of a diamond exchange in Panama City, Panama. Reuters, August 2008, notes that as sales of diamonds slow in Europe and North America Latin America's middle class is becoming more wealthy and thus a natural market for diamonds. More

Panama Tourism

Panama hopes to have attracted 1.4 million tourists by the end of 2008. Figures from the beginning of the year show an increase of 11.6 percent over 2007. Considering that tourists spend, on the average, $1,500 a person in Panama 1.4 million tourists will have added $2.1 Billion USD to Panama's economy by the end of the year. More

Gas Prices Lower in Panama and Panama Inflation

According to La Prensa, Panama, as of October 23, 2008, the government's cap on prices will drop. Prices per gallon will drop to $2.94 for 95 octane and $2.77 for 91 octane. Diesel fuel will drop to $2.85 a gallon. This is the first time that gas prices have been below three dollars a gallon since early in 2008 when prices went above $4 a gallon. Panama business and real estate investment will likely benefit from a little cooling down of inflation. More

Investment in Oil in Puerto Armuelles, Panama

Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui, Panama is a 25,000 person town on the Pacific Ocean near Panama's border with Costa Rica. Because of the nearby deep water port of Charco Azul, Puerto Armuelles has been a crude oil transfer site since the 1970's. At first crude oil from Alaska was transferred from super tankers to Panamamax tankers and later a pipeline was built across Panama from Puerto Armuelles to Bocas del Toro Province on the Caribbean. From Panama the oil moves to refineries on the United States' Gulf Coast. A possible upcoming megaproject for Panama is an oil refinery at Puerto Armuelles. More

Panama's Tocumen International Airport

The International Airport at Panama City, Panama is Tocumen International Airport. With 14 airlines and service to the Americas and Europe Tocumen is fast becoming the major air hub for all of Latin America. Panama's position on the land bridge between Central and South America is ideal for connecting flights to and from all parts of the Americas and on to Europe.More

Panama Canal Expansion; Locks for the Third Lane

The expansion of the Panama Canal will double capacity and the new set of locks will allow larger ships to pass from ocean to ocean. Bidding for the lock construction is expected to be completed before the end of 2008 with several international construction consortiums in the bidding. The Panama Canal Authority has just received promises of loans up to $2.3Billion USD and expects to make up the rest of the $5.2Billion USD construction cost with toll increases over the next years. The locks themselves will cost roughly $3.25 Billion USD to design and build.More

The State of the Environment in Panama and Investment in Panama Real Estate

They say that the health of the ecosystem begins at the bottom of the pyramid. Thus naturalists are concerned about the frog-killing fungus spreading across Panama on its way to South America. What does this mean for Panama's natural environment? What does this mean for living, buying real estate and investment in Panama?More

Social Panorama or Latin America and Panama Investment

Investment in Panama real estate and business has done well over the last decade or more. Large scale projects such as the Panama Canal expansion as well as the Panama City building boom promise to support jobs and prosperity for years to come. However, two underlying issues that can help or hurt investment in Panama are inflation and poverty. The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean just released a study entitled Social Panorama of Latin America. Thus study looks at a variety of social issues in Latin America from 1990 to 2007. What follows is a brief set of comments and some numbers from Social Panorama of Latin America. More

Panama Canal Expansion: Effects on US Ports and Panama Investment Opportunity

United States port facilities are making plans for changes in shipping patterns and cargo volumes once the Panama Canal expansion is completed. In a recent interview the management of the US port of Long Beach speculated on the effects of the Panama Canal expansion on shipping volumes for the US West and East coasts. Currently the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports account for 40% of goods coming into the United States. Cargo volume through the Panama Canal will likely double when the expansion is completed providing more jobs and investment opportunities in Panama. More

Panama Canal Expansion; First Half of Financing

On October 16, 2008 the Panama Canal Authority announced lenders and debt financing structure for the first half of the estimated 5.25 Billion USD Panama Canal Expansion. Lenders include the European Investment Bank, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and the Corporacion Andina de Fomento. The average interest rate will be 5.49% and the loans will be for twenty years with a ten year grace period. The Panama Canal Authority will cover the debt repayment with its cash flow. The high credit rating of the Panama Canal Authority which allows these loans is a reflection on its professional management and upon Panama's economic growth and prospects. More

Starting a Business in Panama; the Ease of Doing Business Rankings

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks 11th overall out of 31 countries. For starting a business Panama ranks number 32. More

Employing Workers in Panama; the Ease of Doing Business Rankings

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks 11th overall out of 31 countries. For employing workers Panama ranks 172nd. More

Ease of Doing Business and Registering Property in Panama

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Panama ranks 8th in doing business across borders and 28th in getting credit for doing business. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks 11th overall out of 31 countries. Those interested in investment in real estate in Panama should note that Panama ranks 75th in registering property. More

Panama Real Estate Investment and Investor Protection in Panama

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Panama ranks eighth in doing business across borders. Panama ranks twenty-eighth in getting credit for doing business. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks eleventh overall out of thirty-one countries. Panama ranks one hundred forth for investor protection. More

Panama Real Estate Investment and Enforcing Contracts in Panama

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Panama ranks eighth in doing business across borders. Panama ranks twenty-eighth in getting credit for doing business. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks eleventh overall out of thirty-one countries. Panama ranks one hundred sixteenth for enforcing contracts. More

Panama Real Estate Investment and Construction Permits in Panama

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Panama ranks eighth in doing business across borders. Panama ranks twenty-eighth in getting credit for doing business. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks eleventh overall out of thirty-one countries. Panama ranks seventy-third in dealing with construction permits. More

Panama Real Estate Investment and Paying Taxes in Panama

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Panama ranks eighth in doing business across borders. Panama ranks twenty-eighth in getting credit for doing business. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks eleventh overall out of thirty-one countries. Panama ranks one hundred seventy-second regarding taxes viewed as an administrative burden. More

Panama Real Estate Investment and Trading Across Borders

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Panama ranks twenty-eighth in getting credit for doing business. Panama ranks eighth in trading across borders. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks eleventh overall out of thirty-one countries. More

Panama Real Estate Investment and Closing a Business

The Doing Business website ranks countries for ease of doing business. Panama ranks 81st out of 181 economies ranked. Panama ranks twenty-eighth in getting credit for doing business. Panama ranks eighth in trading across borders. Within the Western Hemisphere Panama ranks eleventh overall out of thirty-one countries. Panama ranks seventy-second in closing a business. More

PriceSmart to Build and Operate a New PriceSmart Warehouse Club

In a press release PriceSmart of San Diego announced October 1, 2008 that they are acquiring property in Panama City, Panama for a new Warehouse Club. PriceSmart is moving one of its current operations in Panama City to the new location when it is finished in 2009. PriceSmart has and will keep four locations in Panama. PriceSmart sells low cost, high quality merchandise to Panama's increasingly prosperous and growing middle class. More

Panama Copper Mining

Mining is not the word that usually comes to mind when one thinks of Panama. Most people associate white sandy beaches, world class fishing, and untouched tropical rain forest with Panama. Nevertheless Panama is estimated to have as much of 100 million tons of copper giving it the world's fifth largest reserves. More

Panama Copper Mining

Panamanian Commerce and Industry Minister, Carmen Gisela Vergara, made several comments regarding Panama and the world financial crisis while attending a conference in Tokyo. According to Ms. Vergara, The ongoing global financial crisis has had less of an impact in Panama than elsewhere. Panama, one of the biggest financial centers in Latin America, has suffered fewer losses in the worldwide financial crisis due to the liquidity of its banking system. More

Panama's Relations with Cuba

Panama is enjoying "excellent" relations with Cuba according Panama's ambassador to Cuba, Luis Gomez, as quoted on Mathaba.net news, November 5, 2008. Gomez noted agreements have been signed between Panama and Cuba covering medicine, education, energy, sports, and science. Also, trade talks are in progress. More

Panama Cell Phone Tower Sharing Ordered

ASEP (Autoridad de Servicios Publicos) of Panama will start requiring that cell phone relay tower owners allow other companies to share their facilities. This move is meant to reduce the number of mobile phone relay towers that the country is putting up. Currently Panama has 2.7 million mobile phone subscribers in a country of 3.3 million people. More

Container Shipping Upgrade at Colon

The World Trade Survey page of the Pacific Shipper web site reports that the Taiwanese Container Terminal at Colon is requesting permission to convert 12 acres of their port facilities to a container yard. This expansion would increase capacity from its current 700,000 containers a year to 1,500,000. The terminal would need to pay $11.3 million USD the "additional land." More

Panama Bank Stability, Privacy, and Asset Protection

Panama is well known as a country that whose laws provide privacy and asset protection. Panama's offshore corporations and foundations provide vehicles for those with wealth to invest and to save out of the stoplight so to speak. What separates Panama from some of the other offshore banking options is that Panama's banking system is stable. It does the investor no good to lose all of his or her money in privacy when a bank goes under. Panama has both a strong banking system and the laws required to provide asset protection and privacy. More

Tower Bank of Panama Goes Ahead with Business Process Computer System Upgrade

A press release from Ultimus Inc. of Cary, New York announces that Tower Bank of Panama is going to use Ultimus' "business process management software suite." The news release has the usual amount of self serving hype seen in this type of press release. However, this is a business process upgrade the Tower Bank is purchasing. Panama banks in general are weathering the current world financial storm pretty well and Tower Bank seems to be able to go ahead with a business upgrade when financial institutions are failing in the United States. More

Pacific Panama Economic Area

London and Regional Properties will be developing a large commercial and residential complex on the grounds of decommissioned Howard Air Force Base along the Panama Canal. According to press reports Howard Air Force Base will now be the Pacific Panama Economic Area. The Pacific Panama Economic Area will eventually cost $750 million USD to develop although the project is expected to evolve over decades. The developers are expecting investment by multinational corporations for their Latin American offices as well as other real estate uses. More

Kardan Hydroelectric Facility on the Chiriqui River

A new hydroelectric facility will be started on the Chiriqui River in Panama in 2009. The project will cost $150 Million USD and expected to net $25 Million USD a year when in operation. The operator has a fifty year operation franchise for the facility. When an international power plant builder and operator invests in Panama we can assume they expect a healthy return on investment for the duration of their franchise. This investment confirms the belief that Panama's economy will continue to grow and require substantial amounts of electric power for years to come. More

Hydroelectic Dam on the Changuinola River in Panama

A consortium of two Danish companies is building a hydroelectric dam on the Changuinola River in Panama. This project is in virgin rain forest and requires substantial infrastructure development in order to even start the project. A fourteen mile long road has been built to a base camp and crushing plants have seen built to process mined gravel for use in the dam. When completed the dam will be 325 feet tall and 2000 feet wide. More

Hydroelectric Power in Panama; Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Emission Reduction or No?

AES Corporation, a US based company, has plans to build a hydroelectric dam in Panama near the Costa Rica border. The company has applied for carbon credits as hydroelectric power generation does not burn fossil fuels. However, a number of environmental groups are opposing the project based upon research showing that flooding area with tropical vegetation produces methane emission as the flooded vegetation decomposes. More

Tests for Electric Power Generation from Wind in Panama

A mountainous area in Panama with strong winds is the test site for a windmill farm. Test windmills have been erected between 1,000 and 1,400 meters above sea level on a land concession near three peaks in Panama's central mountains. Santa Fe Energy, one of two partners in the test project, states that the site in question has winds of 12 meters a second velocity which would allow energy production of 115 megawatts. This is enough power to supply the needs of 300,000 people. More

Will Recent Bank Regulations Stifle Credit in Latin America?

Looming bank regulations, imposed on Latin American banks even before the global credit crisis, have Panama bankers worried. The Federation of Latin American Banks has just met in Panama City. Banking in Panama is pretty conservative and apparently Panama is going to escape most of the pain of the rest of the world. However, Panama's bankers and other bankers in Latin America are concerned that over regulation will reduce access to credit and stifle economic growth throughout Latin America. More

Panama - US Free Trade and Some Statistics

In remarks to the US Panama Business Council US Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez called Panama an ally as well as a friend and important trading partner. As reported on the International Trade Group's Export Guide web site, October 28, 2008, Gutierrez talked about trade and investment between the two countries remarking on Panama's growth rate. Gutierrez promoted the pending US - Panama Trade Promotion Agreement. More

Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry to Visit Panama to Review Free Trade Agreement

Singapore's Minister for Trade and Industry Will Visit Panama in November to review the status of the countries' bilateral trade. The two countries signed a free trade agreement in 2006. The minister is also visiting Mexico on his way to the 2008 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Lima, Peru. Figures quoted on the AsiaOne website from Singapore note that trade between Singapore and both Panama and Mexico amounts to $5.8 Billion USD annually. More

Wind Farm near Colon

A German company, Wind 7 AG is working with the Panama company Aerogeneradores Cerro Azul S.A. in developing a wind farm near Colon. Generation of 200 megawatts of power is expected from this wind farm which could supply power for up to 10,000 homes. The project will require an investment of up to $400 Million USD to include 15 giant turbines and the supporting structures. The project is expected to take two years to develop. More

Joint Columbia Panama Power Grid

There is another mega project in the works in Panama, or more accurately between Panama and Colombia. Panama and Colombia are planning a connection of their power grids across the Darien Gap. The hope is to have this connection operable by 2012. The project will require a cash infusion of roughly $207 Million USD and will involve ISA on the Colombian side and Empresa de Transmision Electrica, S.A. on the Panama side. The joint venture will be named Intercolpa. More

Foreign Investment and Panama Real Estate

Foreign investment in Panama as a percentage of Gross National Product continues to top other Latin American countries. La Prensa, Panama, quotes figures from the United Nations' Economic Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean in a May 5, 2008 article. Panama does well for a small country in foreign investment. This high level of foreign investment is an indication of Panama's economy and growth potential. Potential Panama real estate investors can take notice of the continuing growth and development in Panama. More

Panama and a Strong Dollar

Ra�l Moreira, the president of the College of Economists in Panama spoke to La Prensa, Panama about the strong dollar and the cost of food. According to Mr. Moreira the strong dollar will reduce the cost of imports, including food, to Panama. Further analysis of the strong dollar and it effects on Panama reveals that a stronger dollar will help the construction industry, hurt exports, and reduce raw material costs for the Panama Canal Expansion. More

Panama Construction and Real Estate Investment with a Strong Dollar

It turns out that the global financial crisis may have a positive effect on Panama's construction, real estate, and investment. Panama's Balboa is tied one to one to the US dollar. Now that other currencies are weakening against the dollar Panama is paying less for imports including structural steel and the ingredients for cement. Lower construction costs will translate into lower real estate prices and more real estate investment opportunities in Panama. More

Presidents Sign Free Trade Pact between Panama and Costa Rica

The presidents of Panama and Costa Rica signed a free trade agreement between their respective countries on October 24, 2008. The treaty will allow duty free passage of goods from country to country. Initially about 90% of goods will be duty free and over the following years all goods will gradually become duty free. This treaty is typical of the activities of countries throughout Latin America creating free trade zones, jobs, and prosperity. Panama stands to gain by this sort of treaty as it serves to lower costs in the face of current inflation and typically helps create jobs. More

Melamine in Chinese Candy in Panama

Panama has tested cookies and candy from China and found traces of melamine. Melamine is an industrial chemical capable of causing kidney stones and death. According to the associated press, October 18, 2008, over 54,000 children became sick in China from contamination of candy by this chemical. According to Panama's Food Safety director Gilberto Real, "traces of the chemical were found in milk-based White Rabbit caramels [as well as] orange and strawberry sandwich cookies and milk bars." More

Melamine Contamination Revisited

The November 1, 2008 Panama Start reports that melamine has now been found in chicken eggs. The industrial chemical was put in what were supposed to be dairy products in China causing kidney stones and death. In China at least 4 infants died and roughly 54,000 were hospitalized. Before the substitution was discovered candy was shipped world wide contaminated by melamine. State run media reports that melamine regularly added to animal feed in China and has been found in chicken eggs. Experts are concerned that melamine could work its way through the food chain throughout the world. More

Nuclear Power in Panama?

A fifty year old nuclear generator technology may become the wave of the future in Panama and throughout the world. Hyperion Technology of New Mexico, USA has licensed nuclear reactor technology from the United States research labs at Los Alamos, New Mexico for building small nuclear reactors capable of generating electricity for up to 20,000 homes. The uranium used in these reactors is not weapons grade and the reactor is encased in cement and buried in the ground. More

Why Buy Light Bulbs from Cuba instead of China?

Panama is handing out free light bulbs. In an effort to reduce electric consumption and electric costs Panama started delivering ten energy efficient light bulbs to each household. The deliveries started in November although the project has been in the works for almost two years. There are two issues flying around as the project starts, safety and cost. More

Free Light Bulbs Meant to Reduce Electric Energy Consumption in Panama May Be Dangerous

Panama has been planning on handing out free energy saving light bulbs. Now there are questions about the safety of the bulbs in question. A fire department pointed out that there have been five recent house fires caused by the type of bulb in question. Other alleged health risks are toxicity from mercury in the bulbs if they break and worsening of skin conditions when the bulbs are in use. More

Copa Airline Flight Simulators

Copa airline, Panama's flag carrier, has recently installed a flight simulator for its Embraer 190 jets at its City of Knowledge training center in the old Panama Canal Zone. Adding to its Boeing Next Generation flight simulator Copa is the first Latin American airline to have both. More

Panama Business; Investment, Growth, and More Investment

Panama's continuing construction boom is attracting heavy equipment rental companies such as US-based Ameco, the enormous equipment rental business owned by Fluor. Panama's mega projects such as the Panama Canal Expansion, the Panama City high rise boom, and Panama's road projects all require heavy machinery. This need provides heavy equipment rental companies with a lucrative market. Panama's investment in its infrastructure promotes jobs, growth, prosperity, and more investment. Expect to see Panama's economic boom continue for years to come providing more investment opportunity. More

Investment in Panama; Templeton Adds Panama to One of its Funds

Franklin Templeton Investments is launching a series of new funds within its Franklin Templeton Investment Funds. One of these funds features companies in Panama as part of its range of investments. Templeton specializes in finding small cap, under researched companies in emerging markets. Panama has had in recent years an impressive growth rate in and around 10 percent per year. Templeton expects Panama's growth rate to end 2008 at 7 percent despite economic problems in the rest of the world. More

COPA Success and Panama Investment

COPA Holdings (CPA), the owner of COPA Airlines, Panama's flag carrier has outperformed expectations. COPA's revenues are doing well and COPA is holding down costs. COPA Holdings is rated a "buy" by various stock analysts. COPA Holding's New York Stock Exchange stock price as of November 2008 is around $25 with expectations of reaching $43 by another six months. COPA is doing well because of all the air traffic in and out of Panama. With 46 destinations from Panama and rising COPA serves the entire Western Hemisphere. Panama is increasingly becoming the airline hub for the Americas. More

COPA Airlines Takes Delivery of Embraer 190 Jet

According to a COPA Holdings, S.A. press release COPA airlines has just taken delivery of its 15th Embraer 190 airplane. The Embraer 190 seats 94, ten business class. Beside its 15 Embraer air planes COPA has 27 Boeing 737's. The average age of COPA's jets is 4.2 years giving it a very young fleet. COPA Holdings, S.A. is expanding and its stock is rising as Latin American business grows, especially in Panama. More

Latin American Economic Summit in El Salvador 2008

An economic summit of Latin American leaders just broke up in El Salvador. Leaders from all over Latin America discussed what they can collectively do in light of tough economic times ahead due to the global credit crisis. What is referred to as the Chavez block (Bloque Chavez) consisting of Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua demanded that Latin America develop an alternative to the International Monetary Fund. More

Trans Panama Pipeline to be Reactivated

The Trans Panama oil pipeline is going to be reactivated. However, oil will now pass from Atlantic to Pacific requiring retooling to reverse the direction of flow. The Trans Panama oil pipeline was originally built to help move Alaskan North Slope oil to gulf coast refineries. Now the pipeline will help move African crude and other Atlantic Basin oil to United States West Coast refineries. More

Panama Trade Deficit and Panama Investment

Due to the high cost of oil and other raw materials Panama's trade deficit reached $3.3 Billion USD at the end of September 2008. Panama's trade deficit amounted to over 5 percent of its gross domestic product, up from 1.9 percent at the end of 2007. It remains to be seen how the reduced cost of oil and construction materials will affect Panama's trade deficit. Panama has the highest per capita foreign investment in Latin America and a thriving economy despite to world economic slump. It is likely that Panama's trade deficit will continue for several years. More

Digicel Goes to Panama

Investment in Panama is going strong despite financial problems in most of the world. A prime example is Panama's new cell phone company, Digicel. Digicel is all over the place in Panama selling cellular phones for $10 along with phone plans. According to the Irish news Digicel is looking to raise $435 million through private bond placement with most of the money going to Central American operations including Panama. As business elsewhere is in the doldrums Panama is still attracting commercial investment. More

Panama Investment; Small Business, Real Estate, and More

While the world has been sinking into recession Panama has been adding jobs and growing its economy. This little country on the land bridge between Central and South America is planning for a brighter future. Panama is a great place to live with many opportunities for investment. Investment opportunities in Panama range from small businesses and residential housing to mega projects like the $5.25 Billion Panama Canal Expansion and hemisphere wide projects more appropriate to multinational corporations. More

US Foreclosures and Panama Jobs

US news sources note that home foreclosures rose by over 30 percent in the United States in February of 2009 over the year before and up 6 percent over January. The little country of Panama, on the other hand, did not go in for sub prime mortgages and is not experiencing a rash of foreclosures. The news in Panama has to do with the multibillion dollar Panama Canal Expansion project going forward and the jobs and prosperity it will bring to Panama. More

Tax Havens and the Recession

According to news sources the upcoming G20 summits will be discussing tax havens. As everyone has lost money in the recession, except those countries that have attracted investment, the vultures are circling looking for easy pickings. Panama is known as a tax haven. The banking privacy laws are strong in Panama. Panama oversees its bank accounts and illegal dealings such as the recent pyramid scheme do not find refuge in Panama. More

Panama Free Trade Will Benefit US Exports

The Panama Free Trade treaty has come before senate committees for confirmation hearings. Panama already has a preferential trade status with the United States. What the treaty will is make American products less expensive in Panama. Also, by increasing imports into Panama business relationships will be forged that will allow Panama to act as a springboard for more US exports into Latin America. More

Panama Free Trade Advocacy

The Panama Free Trade treaty is before the US Senate and free trade advocates are pushing for its passage. Senators from agricultural states such as Grassey of Iowa are promoting the treaty. So are equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar. If the US wants to improve its balance of payments then a little more free trade with the likes of Panama is in order. More

Investment and Poverty in Panama, Revisited

A recent article in the Austin American Statesman provides an excellent review of Panama's current economic and social situation. They mention that Panama's economy is growing despite the recession and also mention the uneven distribution of income in Panama. That also brought to mind our article of some months back regarding investment and poverty in Panama. More

Investment in Maintenance in Panama

It has been a year since the crash of a SAN-100 helicopter into the Banana Price department store on Via Espa�a in Calidonia. The store burned and 11 passengers of the helicopter died. The crash report just came out blaming engine failure and pilot error. In the meantime the Panama National Air Service has received funding of $25 million for new helicopters and for repairs of the existing fleet. More

Panama Taxes, Real Estate, and Investment

Panama aims for a fairer tax system. The new administration in Panama is already working on a corporate flat tax with the goal of cutting out unfair deductions and reducing the overall tax rate. Now the Martinelli administration is looking at taxes on individuals with the populist notion of making the rich pay their fair share of the tax burden. Will these initiatives affect Panama investment and real estate? More

Panama National Air Service

Panama has had a number of air forces over the years. The most recent version is the Servicio Aerea Nacional, the Panama National Air Service. The Panama National Air Services was in the news this last week when Pratt and Whitney published its crash report of a National Air Service helicopter last year. More

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