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Panama: Real Estate in Central America

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Come to Panama for real estate in Central American. It used to be said that Panama was Costa Rica at half the cost. Panama has now passed Costa Rica and Mexico as a popular travel, retirement living, and investment destination. In the last ten years American retirees have "found" Panama Central America real estate.

Why Panama Central America Real Estate

Panama is the narrow land bridge that connects North and South America. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific. Panama has a tropical climate with two sea coasts and a central mountain range. This prosperous country has neither hurricanes nor earthquakes. The currency, the Balboa, trades 1:1 with the dollar. In fact, Panama does not print paper money so dollars are Panama's circulating currency. English is widely spoken and the people are laid back and friendly. The word is "tranquilo." When you buy Panama Central America real estate and the cares of the world melt away you will have a chance to learn and practice "tranquilo." It is not a bad way to live.

Panama has the highest per capita US investment of any Latin American country and it shows in the airports, roads, port facilities, and telecommunications. Purchase Panama Central America real estate and make your choice of CNN in English or Spanish while you attach photos of yourself in paradise to emails to the folks back home. Move to Panama Central America real estate and after a bit you will think of this prosperous little Latin American country as home.

Retirement to Panama Central America Real Estate

Panama has very attractive residency laws. Pensioners from the US and elsewhere with monthly pension income of $500 plus $100 per dependent can obtain residency renewable ever five years. Residency is also obtainable with several types of investment including payment of $200,000 or more for Panama Central America real estate.

Choices of Panama Central America Real Estate

Panama has Central America real estate on the Caribbean. Bocas del Toro is a Panamanian province with numerous tropical islands. Beach front housing is well developed and there is an international airport on the mainland. On the Pacific Coast you have choices of places like Veraguas Province with world class fishing, surfing, and scuba diving or a condo overlooking the Pacific from the thirtieth floor in Panama City. Colon, the city on the Caribbean end of the Panama Canal is set for a real estate boom comparable to what Panama City is now experiencing. Panama is improving its road system and the new highway connecting the two largest cities in the country will reduce driving time Colon to Panama City to a commute of less than an hour. Expect your investment in Panama Central America real estate in Colon to multiply several times in the next few years.

Come to Panama, Central America. Come and investigate the real estate opportunities. Stay and learn a relaxed and healthy life style.

For more information on Panama real estate tours, contact us. Or, ask us your questions now.

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