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Upscale Pacific Living: Coronado, Panama

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Where can you find upscale tropical Pacific coast property within easy driving distance from a major first world city? Where can you find this kind of property for substantially less than in the USA, Europe, or the Caribbean? Try Coronado, Panama less than an hour from Panama City, Panama. Real Estate in Panama really offers you a lot of options, with regard to property types.

Where is Coronado, Panama?

Just off the Pan-American Highway less than an hour from Panama City is the little town of Coronado, Panama on Playa Coronado or Coronado Beach.

Coronado, Panama has become an Americanized town with an upscale grocery store and many shops and restaurants. The surrounding area has gated communities with a variety of housing.

A recent offering in Coronado, Panama is a 7,500 sq. ft. property with an asking price of $2,000,000. This Coronado property includes a three room guest house, mini golf course and pool.

Another recently offered home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a gated community near the Coronado Hotel and Resort is going for $250,000.

Playa Coronado

Playa Coronado, or Coronado Beach is a few miles of broad sand on a peaceful ocean. This is what Nuñez Balboa saw when he crossed the Isthmus in 1513. He called what he saw the peaceful ocean, the Oceano Pacifico, or Pacific Ocean. The beach is accessible by walkway between beachfront homes.

How to Get to Coronado, Panama

Coronado, Panama is an hour drive from Panama City on the Pan-American Highway. If you do not have a car you can rent one in Panama City. Alternative include taking a taxi from Panama City for up to $60. NOTE: When renting taxis in Panama for longer trips ask your taxi driver when taking a trip in town what he will charge to go to Coronado and back. Ask several taxi drivers as rates are totally negotiable.

In addition you can take a taxi to the national bus terminal at the Albrook Mall. The current price for a ride to Coronado, Panama is about $3 per person. Also, if you are a jubilado or retired person, there is a discount on everything in Panama including bus rides.

How to Get Around Coronado, Panama

Coronado, Panama is not a big town so just drive around a little to see the sites. Drive up the coast and enjoy the view. Visit the other nearby towns. There is a lot to see and, if you are moving here, a lifetime to see it.

If you are without a car in Coronado there are taxis near the El Rey supermarket and a bus nearby that makes a circuit of the town. And, as you have all the time in the world, you can take a walk and see the sites.

Other Property Near Coronado, Panama

The overall area is often just referred to as Coronado although there are several nearby towns. Rio Mar, Boca de Teta, and Nueva Gorgona on the ocean and Los Nisperos and San Jose are on the Pan-American Highway. The area includes individual plots and homes as well as developed and developing gated communities on the ocean.

Property in Coronado, Panama

If you are interested in property in Coronado or investment in Panama contact us. We have listings for Coronado and the surrounding area as well as all of Panama. Panama has become the place to go.

The secret is out. Panama is the place to go. For the last ten years an increasing number of Americans have bought Panama property for second home or purchased panama real estate and retired in this country at the crossroads of Latin America and the world. The home of the Panama Canal connecting Atlantic and Pacific Panama has the best deals in investment property, retirement real estate, and second homes in the world. This country at the junction of North and South America is in the midst of an economic boom involving Northern buyers of Panama property, foreign investment and Latin Americans moving to Panama for good paying jobs.

Come and visit Coronado, Panama. Come to see us at ABPanama if you are interested in property at Coronado or interested in investigating other parts of this tropical paradise.

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