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Banks in Panama

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Panama City, Panama has the second largest concentration of banks in the world next to Switzerland. There are many banks in Panama. From international giant Citibank to Caja de Ahorros with its mission to provide affordable mortgages to Panamanians Panama City's "bancaria" has a range of international and local banks for any need. With no banking treaties with the rest of the world Panama offers privacy in banking not seen in most countries.

For privacy banking in Panama is hard to beat, especially with the availability in Panama of bearer share corporations and private interest foundations.

What follows is a list of banks in Panama with a brief description of each bank. Each of these can be found in the internet.


Subsidiary of Bancafe in Colombia

Banco Aliado

Local Panamanian bank founded in 1992

Banco Cuscatlán

Regional banking system with banks in Panama and throughout Central America

Banco Delta

The second micro finance bank in Panama, established in 2006

Banco de Occidente

Affiliated with Banco de Occidente bank in Colombia and was established in Panama in 1982

Banco General

Large Panamanian bank.

Bancolombia Panamá

Panama presence of a Colombian banking operation

Banco Nacional de Panamá

First bank in Panama (1904) and effectively the Panama national bank

Banco Santander

Panamanian online banking operation


Offshore bank that started in the Bahamas in 1995 and established its Panama branch in 1996


Espirito Santo is a Portugese bank founded in 1884 now with operations on five continents (excluding Australia)

Banco Atlántico

Online banking operation incorporated in Panama


Banking operation in Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Colombia a subsidiary of HSBC after HSBC paid $1.7 Billion for all Banistmo Group operations many banks in Panama


Panamanian bank founded in 1981 many banks in Panama


(Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria)

Operations in Spain and throughout all of Latin America


Multinational bank, mostly commercial, throughout all of Latin America and the Caribbean. A supranational bank specialized in foreign trade in the Latin American Region.


This global giant is in Panama too.


This Panamanian bank has been in operation since 1994.

Korea Exhanchange Bank

Panamanian branch of a Korean bank.


HSBC has had an office in Panama since 1972. HSBC itself has over 10,000 offices in 83 countries throughout the world as of May 2008.


This is Panamanian corporate and private banking organization founded in 1971.

Caja de Ahorros

In operation for 72 years this bank calls itself the family bank of Panama and specializes in mortgages to Panamanian families.

BAC International Bank

Branch of Bank of America Corporation with offices throughout Panama.

Banco Uno

This bank is a branch of Grupo Uno which operates financial operations throughout Central America with lots of banks in Panama.


This is branch operation of a Costa Rican bank also does business in Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Credicorp Bank

Panamanian bank operating since 1992


This Panamanian bank has been in operation since 1990.


This is the only Canadian bank in Panama.

Banco Hipotecario Nacional

Panamanian bank founded in 1973

St. Georges Bank & Company Inc

Panamanian bank despite the "foreign" name

Standford Bank Panama

Founded in 2003 as in international bank but now provides commercial services in Panama

Banesco Panama

Panamanian bank offering personal and commercial banking

Banco Universal

This Panamanian bank has been in operation since 1996 and has many banks in Panama

Banco de Bogotá Internacional

Colombian bank with branches in the USA, the Bahamas, and a numbers of banks in Panama

Banco Panamá

Online Panama bank


Panamanian bank founded in 1991

If you have questions about banks in Panama feel free to contact us at ABPanama.

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